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Ezra Furman

Day Of The Dog CD Album

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Release Date: 08/10/2013

Discs: 1

Ezra Furman has always positioned himself as a singer-songwriter with or without the Harpoons. His acoustic base would sometimes rock or burst forth with technicolor pop flourishes. Like Dylan in 65 he has harnessed the electricity and delve deeper into life as a rock and roller with punk panache. On Day of the Dog Ezra re-invents himself as an angry young man ready to throw himself on the pyre for the redemption that will follow. He re-works '50s grooves with primal-Lennon outbursts, glam hissing into Pixies style/Buddy Holly rave ups. It could have fit on Stiff with Costello and the Damned.

1. I Wanna Destroy Myself
2. Tell Em All to Go to Hell
3. My Zero
4. Day of the Dog
5. Walk on in Darkness
6. Cold Hands
7. Anything Can Happen
8. And Maybe God is a Train
9. Been So Strange
10. The Mall
11. At the Bottoms of the Ocean
12. Slacker Adria
13. Cherry Lane